Seven must-try and apply beauty tips to keep you looking and feeling your best before, during and after you hit the gym

You sweat. It’s part of working out. Hard. Your cheeks get red. Your hair is matted to your scalp and your workout clothes are soaked. But you don’t care, because there’s a certain kind of pride that comes with being sticky, stinky and shiny after a great workout, no matter how big or small. It means you just gave it your all. You’re being accountable to yourself and your goals, nourishing your soul and flooding your body with wonderful, feel-good endorphins. But your sweaty secret to being your best doesn’t have to stop there. Take it full circle with our head to toe beauty tips to apply pre and post workout. We promise, they’ll keep you feeling your best.

Tip 1: Know that sweat isn’t the sole cause of acne

Yes. Your sweat contributes to breakouts, but it’s not the sole reason why. Clogged pores, blackheads and pimples are the result of your DNA (a.k.a: the genes your parents passed on to you), combined with the dirt, pollution, bacteria and excess oil that gets trapped in your pores. Factor in your workouts and your skin is instantly predisposed to accumulating gunk that can create acne and other not-so-comfortable dermal issues.

Tip 2: Avoid makeup

Who hasn’t taken a selfie at the gym? These days a workout almost doesn’t seem to “count” unless it’s captured on the ’gram. But snapping and sweating while wearing a full face of makeup can prevent your skin from breathing. So ditch the primer, foundation, highlighter, blush and contour products. Can’t bear to go bare? Opt for a tinted BB cream, a hint of mascara and a swipe of lip balm.

Tip 3: Workout and wash up

If you have ever not stopped to shower post workout at one time or another, well, then you’re normal. We all do it, just don’t turn it into a habit. Washing thoroughly with a face and a body cleanser post workout is imperative if you want to eliminate the mixture of sweat, dirt, oil and bacteria clinging to your skin.

Tip 4: Skip the hot shower

A hot shower feels fantastic when you have sore and achy muscles and yet, turning the water temperature to medium is the way to go. Hot water can strip your scalp and your dermis of its essential oils, leaving you with dry, itchy, dull and even, flaky skin. So make sure to turn down the heat while you lather, rinse and repeat.

Tip 5: Exfoliate your face and body

According to dermatologists everywhere, your body sheds approximately 30,000 to 40,000 skin cells. Every. Single. Day. So using a gentle exfoliating product once to three times a week on your face and body is ideal. Trust us when we say, you’ll want to remove dead skin cells, dirt, grime and sweat as it can help prevent skin irritations, dullness and acne.

Tip 6: Moisturize post workout

Myth: oily or combination skin does not need a moisturizer. Fact: hydrating your skin is a must. Just opt for a non-comedogenic, oil-free and/or gel-based lotion if your skin leans towards the shinier side. Skip it and risk pushing your oil glands into overproduction, causing them to make excess oil, which can lead to breakouts, inflammation and more.

Tip 7: Save your “Superhero” products for bedtime

Apply your skin care heavy-hitters at bedtime, especially if they contain active ingredients, are deeply hydrating or are suited for a specific purpose such as anti-inflammation. Why? Because while you’re catching zzzs, your skin is recovering and regenerating new skin cells, which will happily absorb all of the good ingredients you give them.

Written by Adriana Ermter

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