“I consider myself an aficionado when it comes to body products—I’ve tried countless and loved few. I don’t like anything too greasy, overly fragranced or heavy feeling. A dream product combo now on replay in my bathroom. Products literally melt upon application and deliver nothing but smooth skin kissed with Empathy’s calming signature scents.” 

Ultra-Luxe Dry Body Oil & Ultra-Luxe Firming Body Lotion 

Alison, Editor-in-Chief, Weddingbells

“This will be in my purse on the red carpet this TIFF! Amazingly hydrating and sure to freshen you up when you’re on the go.”

Hydrating Face Mist

Jacqueline, Lifestyle Expert

“Honestly, no matter which product you gravitate towards you can’t go wrong. Empathy is fantastic, homegrown and supports other Canadians. How can you not love that?!” 

Empathy Products

Adriana, Senior Editor

“I love to apply the body oil or argan oil along with the Pure Essential Grounding Oil to my feet. It has become part of my daily grounding
ritual.  I highly recommend it!”

Pure Essential Oil: Grounding Blend

Argan Beauty Oil: Natural Blend

Donna, Senior Manager Communications

“I absolutely love Empathy’s Ultra-Luxe Firming Body lotion and have been using it religiously for some time now!! I love how it makes my skin feel as well as the happy, cheery scent. It’s also an added bonus that by making myself feel good, I am also helping others as this brand likes to give back!  A win-win for all!!!”

Ultra-Luxe Firming Body lotion

Kelly, Commercial Director

“Hands down, this is the hardest working product in my vanity. I add a tiny drop to my face oil to finish up my skin regimen, use it to smooth the ends of my hair, soothe cuticle, tame dry patches and even swipe some on my lips. I LOVE this oil.” 

Argan Beauty Oil 

Karen, Senior Manager Communications

“One of my go-to products from Empathy is the Ultra-Luxe Firming Body Lotion. The first ingredient in the body lotion is Purified Water so I knew it was going to be super hydrating, and it is! The Citrus Blend scent is soft and fresh and perfect for applying after the shower. The pump on the bottle is easy to use and the hole is small and doesn’t create that hard piece of lotion in between uses.”

Ultra-Luxe Firming Body Lotion


“I’ve been taking this product everywhere I go. The scent is fresh and calming and smoothing the thick balm onto my hands, cuticles, heels and even on my face before bedtime has become my new ritual. The formulation absorbs quickly and heals and replenishes my skin, literally over night.” 

Sleep & Healing Balm – Zen Blend

Adriana, Senior Editor

“Fully addicted to the Ultra-Luxe Firming Lotion (Citrus blend)! It is rich and nourishing yet light and is easily absorbed.  Cannot live without this product!!”

Ultra-Luxe Firming Lotion – Citrus Blend

Elaine, Nurse

“I recently tried Empathy’s Men’s Face oil. The quality of this product is far more effective than the previous oils I have used. I love the scent of it as well. Not only does my skin look rejuvenated I smell good too.”

Men’s Everything Facial Oil: Hydrating Blend

John, Sales Director, Toronto Life

“Very happy to finally find a truly natural and organic skincare line which smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling so soft and clean. As a cancer patient my skin is very sensitive and all the Empathy products have been a dream on my skin.  Thank you for allowing me to help make a difference by purchasing your products.” 

Empathy Products

Tina, Fitness Coach

“Absolutely love this body oil. It’s incredibly moisturizing and absorbs quickly leaving your skin silky smooth and not greasy feeling like other oils can do. Added bonus – it smells amazing and the scent lasts for quite some time!”

Ultra–Luxe Dry Body Oil – Signature Scent

Genevieve, Strategic Solutions Lead

“Not only is the concept behind Empathy Brand amazing but the products I’ve tried are too! So far I’ve been using the men’s face oil and the zen blend sleep and healing balm. I’m using the oil once in the morning and again before I sleep for both my face and beard. It goes only really well, smells great, and quite masculine with the sandalwood and gives that extra boost of hydration. It’s less greasy than other beard oils and I’ve already started to notice a difference in the texture of my beard. I’ll definitely be sticking with this over a beard balm. I’m also enjoying the sleep Zen Blend.  The lavender in the ingredients is really doing its thing and I feel more relaxed and I get to that point much quicker when trying to get over to sleep.  It does exactly as it says;  zens me out and promotes a soundful sleep. A huge thank you to this brand for doing what they’re doing.”

Men’s Everything Facial Oil: Hydrating Blend

Sleep And Healing Balm: Zen Blend

James, Photographer

“This helps nourish my skin but has given me such a glow that I thought was only possible by drinking a gallon of water a day. The lavender scent is nice, too, so I enjoy making it a part of my nighttime ritual.”

Beauty Elixir Face Oil: Radiance Blend

Emilie , Writer & Editor

“The Hydrating Face Mist Zen Blend sits next to me on my desk for when I need an extra boost of hydration to my skin all throughout the day. The pump creates a full but soft mist. It really covers a wide area of your face unlike other hydrating sprays I have tried that come out in a little squirt. The ingredients in this product help soothe your skin as it hydrates. Being a make up artist, I know first hand about skin hydration and everyone needs this product in their own makeup kit.”

Hydrating Face Mist Zen Blend


“The beauty elixir face oil has fast become one of my nighttime musts. I apply the oil after a spritz of rose water, right before bed. It’s such a nice ritual to give myself a little massage before I fall asleep!”

Beauty Elixir Face Oil: Radiance Blend

Michelle, Writer

“The Ultra-Luxe Dry Body Oil in Zen Blend is truly my favorite body oil. The scent is magnificent and the oil absorbs into the skin and doesn’t sit on top. This oil is not only luxurious, it is 100% Quality.”

Ultra-Luxe Dry Body Oil – Zen Blend

Cheray, Founder of Soap & Honour

“I love the men’s balm! The smell is manly and understated and goes on easily. Unlike gel, you get a natural Sheen and it still leaves the hair manageable if you need to run your fingers through. Excellent product!”

Grooming Balm – Hydrating Blend

Amar, Entrepreneur

“Empathy’s Zen Blend has been the best addition to my nighttime routine! The blend of chamomile and lavender immediately calms me down after a long day, and blends into my skin without any residue.”

Pure Essential Oil: Zen Blend

Emily, Content Strategist

“The men’s everything facial oil works great on my skin. I use it each morning to help my skin feel awake and vibrant.“

Men’s Everything Facial Oil: Hydrating Blend

Michael, Sr. Director Of Sales

“I am also loving the hydrating face mist, zen blend. I am surprised by how hydrating it leaves my skin and for how long.
It feels like there is a protective barrier on my face. Added bonus is the calming effect of the chamomile, lavender scent.”

Hydrating Face Mist: Zen Blend


“My morning ritual now includes a few staple Empathy products that I can’t live without. I’m absolutely in love with the Body & Hand Wash and Ultra-Luxe Body Lotion. They smell so good and great for my sensitive skin. And the company gives back to the community. What’s not to love? Telling all of my friends as fast as I can and planning my next order.”

Hand and Body Wash: Citrus Blend

Ultra-Luxe Firming Body Lotion: Citrus Blend

Pamela, Designer

“I am in love with the body oil—it smells incredible! I use it after a shower or bath, sometimes alone and sometimes over body lotion for extra hydration! The body oil will definitely be a winter go-to for me.”

Ultra-Luxe Dry Body Oil

Michelle, Writer

“Besides the most important fact that I love the natural ingredients of these products, I love the light fresh scent and how beautifully they absorb into my skin, which is a big deal (read need) for my sensitive and dehydrated skin. I often layer the Ultra-Luxe body oil with Ultra-Luxe body lotion, which has such a fabulous texture, but the products are great applied solo too!  I will definitely keep these products in stock. My skin thanks you!”

Ultra-Luxe Dry Body Oil

Ultra-Luxe Firming Body Lotion: Citrus Blend

Donna, Writer

“I absolutely LOVE the Empathy brand, what it stands for, how it gives back and the clean, sophisticated packaging. My favourite items are the hydrating face mist (feels like I just stepped out of a spa!), essential remedy oil relaxing blend (I rub on my temples and behind ears before I go to sleep), and the body/hand wash and ultra-blend body lotion in citrus blend duo. The quality of the product, fresh scent, and packaging will keep me a loyal customer (also, it’s local, gotta love that)!”

Hydrating Face Mist: Zen Blend

Essential Remedy Oil: Relaxing Blend

Hand and Body Wash: Citrus Blend

Ultra-Luxe Firming Body Lotion: Citrus Blend

Stephanie , Leadership Coach

“One of my faves is the Hydrating mist. The invigorating scent wakes me up in the morning. I love spraying in between my morning ritual.  I use it as a toner before my serum, sometimes I use it instead of moisturizer (depending on how my skin feels that day). I also noticed that it works as a primer. First I spray my whole face then I spray on my hands and press on my face and neck for deeper penetration, twice. I’ve always pressed primer on my face so when I ran out I tried the hydrating mist and my makeup stayed fresh and lasted all day!”

Hydrating Face Mist: Zen Blend

Helena, Jewelry Designer

“The Zen Balm is part of my bedtime ritual and offers a gentle nudge to keep my busy mind calm. If we all lived in Schitt’s Creek, we’d find Empathy worthy of Rose Apothecary.”

Sleep and Healing Balm: Zen Blend

Sonya, Busy Mother

“Empathy has been such a life saver this winter! The body oil has been my go-to for the dry and cracked skin on from all the extra hand washing. Plus, the citrus scent is to die for!! Do yourself a favour and give this a try. You won’t regret it! ”

Ultra-Luxe Dry Body Oil

Kelly, Teacher

“I’m loving everything I’ve tried from Empathy Brand so far but right now (dead of Winter!), I’m so grateful for the Ultra-Luxe Dry Body Oil (bye bye, reptile skin!), the Beauty Elixir Face Oil (skin so soft plus, hot tip:  have been massaging a little bit into the ends of my hair which is helping!) and last, but definitely not least, the Hydrating Lip Balm (mwah!).  Most of all, love a brand that eschews yucky ingredients and, on top of it all . . . has a HEART!”

Ultra-Luxe Dry Body Oil

Beauty Elixir Face Oil

Hydrating Lip Balm

Melissa, VP Marketing

“I am especially addicted to the moisture body balm in the citrus blend. I actually want to mix a cocktail with it because it smells so good. It has nurtured my skin like nothing I have tried before and I love that it doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy.”

Moisture Body Balm: Citrus Blend


“I am obsessed with all of my essential oil balms! I get tension headaches throughout the workweek – and the Relief Balm has been a great help in soothing them. And the Zen Balm has become part of my bedtime routine! Big fan of all three!”

Relief Balm: Soothing Blend

Sleep and Healing Balm: Zen Blend

Erin, Creator