When the days become shorter and golden summer evenings transition into moody, crisp fall nights, it’s time to face the music: summer has packed it up. Goodbye easy, breezy dressing and relaxed beauty—it’s time to switch up! Transitioning your wardrobe is a given, but with that should come a change in your skincare and makeup routine. Here’s five ways to retool your regime for fall.

Pump The Hydration

For summer skincare it’s all about keeping things light. Oil-free moisturizers and featherweight serums are likely your choice as they prevent shine. As the temps cool, you will need to change to formulas packing increased hydration and moisture— you need to prep skin for the harsher months ahead. Incorporate a night cream into your routine; a facial oil morning and night; and carry a hyaluronic acid-packed facial spray like Empathy Hydrating Face Mist with you to spritz on throughout the day.

Sunscreen (Still) Required

Just because there are less rays doesn’t mean you should skip this application! You can lower the power of SPF you apply to your face daily (ie. move from SPF 30 to SPF 20) and instead of using a sunscreen lotion on your skin, switch to foundations, CC creams or foundations packing adequate protection. 

Ease Off Exfoliation

Too much scrubbing can lead to dehydrated, dry skin. Limit exfoliation to three times a week maximum. Also don’t forget to smooth and soothe skin post-polish by applying a dry oil all over your body like Empathy Ultra-Luxe Dry Body Oil immediately after you step out of the shower.

Cool Down Your Makeup Base

Sadly, your sun-kissed summer golden glow is going to fade which means adjusting your foundation, concealer and powder to a shade or two lighter. You should always stock two colour palettes for your base to reflect seasonal changes. If you’ve only been wearing a mineral powder for summer, transition into your autumn routine starting with a tinted moisturizer, then move into full-coverage foundation (if you need it) as winter approaches.

Play With Colour

Summer is all about whisper-light shades: nude, rose, pink, gold. As the season changes amp things up by swapping out nudes for creamy caramels; switch up pink for warm apricot or peach; instead of gold take it more intense with shimmering bronze. This is also the season for statement lips and the boldest shades this season are terra cotta reds, rich plums and ‘90s-feeling burnished browns.

Written by Alison McGill 

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