Four simple steps to keep your heart, mind, soul and feet firmly rooted in the ground.

Living authentically can be challenging. Not that we’re faking it. We keep it real, but there are moments. Like, when we’ve worked a 60-hour week, indulged in too many vodka sodas and then, joined in trash-talk with colleagues at the office party. It’s not cool, but it happens, usually when we’re feeling insecure about something and overwhelmed about everything. Here’s how to stay grounded when life is anything but. 

Just Breathe:

When you focus on inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth you’ll stop thinking about last night’s epic fight with your S.O. Add a little zest to each breath by dabbing Empathy’s Essential Oil in “Liquid Sunshine Blend” beneath your nose.

Stay Present: 

Your editor killed the story you’ve been writing for weeks and you still don’t have a date for cousin Kimmy’s wedding next month. Important? Yes. But dwelling on the shoulda- woulda-couldas will have you living on the sidelines instead of in the now.

Take a Break: 

Fact: life gets stuck on repeat. But you don’t have to be ho-hum about it. Break up your day with a one-minute, desk-side dance party, by rubbing Empathy’s Argan Beauty Oil in “Natural Blend” into your cuticles or by reorganizing your sock drawer. We promise you’ll feel re-energized.

Avoid Gossip: 

Sure, the rumours about you-know-who are spicy and it’s easy to fall into the she’s-so-toxic game, but don’t. It’s not you. Embrace your kindness and change the conversation. You’ll thank yourself later.

Written by Adriana Ermter 

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