Creating a Sustainable Supply of Quality Personal Care Products
for Families in Need.

Empathy is A Luxury Brand of Beauty and Wellness Products

The Empathy brand was born from the desire to create luxurious, natural products that perform well — and smell great — but won’t break the bank. But we couldn’t fulfill that space without also addressing the needs of thousands of Canadian families, many living in shelters, who don’t have access to personal-care products. We decided that if we were going to create products, they had to be accessible to everyone — no matter their income level. The way we accomplish this is by manufacturing and distributing our luxury line of products, Empathy, and also our donation line, Harmony, which consists of high-quality essential products that will be donated to schools and shelters to ensure they reach those in need*.

Here’s how it works: when you spend $50 on Empathy products, we’ll donate two bottles of our Harmony 3-in-1 Soap to a family who needs it. You can make a difference with every purchase.

*Harmony products are for donation only, and therefore not for sale.

We promise to be open and transparent about our brand and our products.

We will build sustainable business models that support community causes, and we will share the results of these actions with you. Together, we can build a relationship with empathy and make that feeling grow.

Meet the Founders

Yvonne Xenidis
yvonne’s story
Deidre Marinelli
deidre’s story

Empathy Products

Empathy products harness the power of plants to influence your health, mood and behaviour via distinct aromatherapy blends and oils. Consider it a prescription for your mind, body and spirit. 

All Empathy products are manufactured in Canada. We have partnered with a family-owned Canadian cosmetics manufacturer that has been formulating professional beauty products for more than 50 years, including 25 years spent manufacturing aromatherapy essential oil blends.

Empathy products are made with ethically sourced, naturally based pure raw materials with high concentrations of active ingredients to give results while avoiding excess fillers. All of our products contain essential oils derived from healing plants, and our natural ingredients are sourced from all over the world. For example, our cedarwood comes from Morocco and our sweet orange is from Brazil.

Ingredients we DON’T use: mineral oil, paraffin wax, parabens, synthetic colours or dyes, petroleum, propylene glycol, silicones.

Our products are effective for all skin types. All products are cruelty-free. 

Our Products

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