If you’ve watched the award-winning show Fleabag, you’re familiar with Phoebe Waller-Bridges’ spot-on summation of the importance of great hair. “Hair is everything. We wish it wasn’t, so we could actually think about something else occasionally, but it is.”

Were truer words ever spoken?

Glossy and glorious locks are what we all strive for and good hair requires mindful maintenance (it’s about more than just regular trims and brush strokes!). We spoke to Jason Lee, owner of Toronto’s Jason Lee Salon, who shared four pro tips to help you achieve ultimate #hairgoals.

Practice Smart Scalp Care

“Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp,” Lee says. “Regular scalp massaging stimulates blood flow and hair growth. Also, keep your scalp clean—consider adding a scalp scrub to your regime.”

Tip: Apply a few drops of Empathy Remedy Oil: Anti-Bacterial Blend to your scalp to soothe itch and irritation.

Turn Down The Heat 

“Heat styling takes a toll, so ease off when you can,” Lee says. “Using blow-dryers and irons can leave hair dry and brittle. To promote healthier hair, use heat protectors, lower temperature and don’t overuse hot tools.” 

Use Great Products

“Use at-home products which promote shine, strength and moisture.” Lee explains. “Define what your hair needs then build your regime from there. Also choose formulas that don’t leave a build-up which can lead to breakage and dullness.”

Tip: To boost shine, apply a few pumps of Empathy’s Argan Beauty Oil: Natural Blend to clean hair before blow-drying.

Feed Your Hair 

“Omega 3 and fish oil supplements are two secret healthy haircare weapons,” Lee says. “They promote hair growth and shine and are things we often don’t get enough of in our diet. Once you start taking these vitamins you will quickly notice a big difference in your hair density and texture.” 

Written by Alison McGill

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